Product 00321

Arcline Vlf

4000w (2x21" driver sub)

Conceived to work in conjunction with the Arcline X the VLF delivers concrete cracking low frequencies from an incredibly small package. With an off the scale output to size ratio, it adds extension all the way down to 30Hz with very low levels of distortion.
The Arcline VLF's is driven from tandem 21" transducers that feature massive voice coils and unheard of amounts of excursion. Its high output to size is accountable to the extreme levels of travel available from the transducers and careful design of the enclosure to provide gain in the 30 to 65Hz range.
Time constrains were also high on the design agenda, so moving mass has been kept low and enclosure Fb ratios at optimum to ensure low levels of group delay. This has produced a fast accurate sound, with none of the smearing or overhang that can exist in a compact enclosure that utilises transducers with large radiating areas and high mass.

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