Product 00282

15k Void Arcline

Complete Soundsystem

The Void Arcline system has been developed to be capable of exceeding the most demanding requirements.
The fundamental design of Arcline has been paved out by many years of research into the needs of our ever changing industry. It was determined early on that a line source with a cylindrical wavefront would best serve the requirements demanded of a modern line source system.
The benefits are significant; they include constant sound intensity over the stated coverage angles, and greater linearity of the near-to-far-field transition point. The normally poor impulse response that is an inherent problem with line source transmission is also greatly improved by minimizing the path length differences, as well as by the use of exclusive power tapering technology that's carried out in each enclosure.

System comprises of:

6 x Arcline 6 speakers

6 x Arcline X speakers

1 x Void amp rack (1 x digidrive, 1 x infinite 7, 3 x infinite 8)

All necessary cables
On Application

IMG_0156.jpg arcline_15k.jpg
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